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At NAGS, we take pride in offering a wide selection of automotive glass and fitting accessories that caters to all vehicle needs. Whether you have a passenger vehicle, SUV, light commercial vehicle, or are powering through industrial work with heavy-commercial vehicles or mining, construction and agricultural machinery, we’ve got you covered!

Our range of high-quality accessories, include rubber moulds, adhesive and primer, auto glass tools, clips, and more.  Customised auto glass solutions based on your own requirements and specifications are also available on demand.

Our aim is to grow by working with our suppliers and business partners to continuously expand our product range and supply network to ensure that our products are easily accessible to customers.

The vast majority of the NAGS auto glass products are manufactured by the Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co Ltd (Fuyao Group) which is the world’s largest OEM auto glass manufacturer. As a leading manufacturer, Fuyao Glass employs cutting-edge technology to guarantee that our auto glass products meet the strictest safety and quality standards.

We confidently source our products from Fuyao Glass, knowing that they uphold the same stringent quality standards as we do at NAGS!

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High Standards of Quality

At NAGS, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality auto glass products and the best possible customer service.

All our auto glass products are quality certified and endorsed by:

  • Australia Standard (AS 2080:2019)
  • New Zealand Standard (AS 2080:2006)
  • European Standard (ECE);
  • US Standard (DOT);

                                                                                                        Our auto glass products are manufactured in plants that have been certified and approved under International Standards ISO9002 and IATF 16949.

Journeying back 50 years ago, car windscreens were nothing more than simple, flat sheets of glass.

Fast forward to today, the automotive world has evolved by leaps and bounds, embracing technology that has elevated the safety and comfort of drivers.

Most features are used by OEM manufacturers, and as a leading aftermarket supplier, we strive to ensure that our own glass is equipped with the

same standards and technologies as OEM glass. Below are examples of leading technologies used in glass:

Product Features

NAGS aims to deliver exceptional customer service and the highest quality auto glass products in the industry. We have an extensive selection of products that cater to your specific needs.

We offer a range of high-quality laminated and tempered auto glass products that meet the safety and regulatory standards. Our auto glass range includes:

Acoustic Glass

Designed to reduce the amount of noise that enters your vehicle:

  • When compared to normal laminated glass, noise reduction can  be reduced by between 5 ~ 10 dB in normal driving conditions.         

                                                                                                    ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) Windscreens

Involves the integration of cameras and/or other complex attachments on the windscreen to achieve advanced driver assistance functions including but not limited to AEB, Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping Assist. Benefits include:

  • Increased safety of vehicle passengers and other road users
  • Reduction of total car accidents
  • Increased driving comfort.                                                                                                                                                     

Product Features Cont.

Antenna Glass

There are three types of antenna glass:

  1. Wired antenna glass: copper wires are applied to PVB to receive FM/AM/TV/GPS signal.
  2. Printed antenna glass: silver lines are printed on the inner surface of glass to be able to receive FM/AM/TV/GPS signal.
  3. Coated antenna glass: IR coated film is used as the antenna. It does not require custom design of pattern for different glass and allows for:         
    • No print or visible wires on the glass
    • Minimum chance of antenna damage
    • Shorter wiring harness required and better performance.                            

Diming Glass (e.g. PDLC – (Polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal))

Dimming Glass can change its reflective properties to prevent light and heat transmission by applying voltage. This allowing:

  • The ability to adjust light transmission of the glass
  • Enhanced interior ambience
  • Greater privacy protection.

Product Features Cont.

Encapsulated Glass

Also known as a glass assembly part. Benefits include:

  • Easy to fit vehicle design
  • High accuracy
  • Integration with various accessories
  • Better sealing function and noise reduction.                                         

Head-Up Display (HUD)

Uses technology developed for military fighter jets to project important driving information and navigation commands directly onto the windscreen.  HUD reduces driver distraction and increases interactivity.                                                                                                                                  Heated Glass

There are two main types of fully heated windscreens:

  1. Wired Heated Glass – heating wires are applied to the PVB before the laminating process.
  2. Heated Coating/Heating Film – a metal film layer is coated on the inner surface of laminated glass. This technology achieves unified heating of the whole glass when powered on. 

Product Features Cont.

Hydrophobic Glass

There is a fluorine compound film on the surface of glass which increases the contact angle of glass with water, allowing water droplets to slide down more rapidly. This meaning:

  • Better visibility when it’s raining
  • Easy to clean
  • Better driving comfort and safety.

                                                                                                          IR Reflective Coated Glass (Low-E)

Reflects the solar energy by coating the windscreen with silver and metal compound film, resulting in:

  • Reflection of more than 65% of Infrared Rays (IR), reducing the temperature inside the vehicles
  • Reduction of the usage of air conditioning in summer
  • Reduction of Ultraviolet (UV) damage
  • Heat Insulation
  • Better anti-glare function at night
  • Radio transmission such as ETC, GPS, etc. can pass through.

                                                                                                      Solar Glass

Designed to reduce IR and UV transmission:

  • Reduces Infrared Rays (IR) transmission which reduces the temperature inside the vehicles
  • Blocks over 99% of Ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Reduces the usage of air conditioning in summer.

Fitting Accessories

At NAGS, we are proud to provide a one stop shop experience to our valuable customers. In addition to our vast supply of auto glass, we also carry an extensive stock range of fitting accessories, which have been sourced carefully from reputable suppliers locally and abroad.

Our accessories range includes: 

Glazing Adhesives

One of the most critical ingredients for a safe and quality glass replacement. At NAGS, we only stock and distribute the products from reliable manufacturers/suppliers who are compliant with industry standards and passed the required safety and quality tests.

Moulding and Rubbers

Windscreen moulding, also known as beading, is the rubber that goes around the glass, helping keep it secure. It also assists with keeping a tidy appearance by blocking excessive adhesives underneath the windscreen.

Windscreen rubber is mainly used to hold the glass in place for older vehicles, for which no adhesive is required to installing the glass.

Replacement Tools and Other Accessories

Glass replacement can sometimes be challenging. To help simplify things, we also keep a wide range of other tools and accessories to make the job easier. These include:

  • Windscreen removal system and tools
  • Windscreen repair tools
  • Rain sensor gel pads and tools
  • General power tools and hand tools
  • Consumables